1. anybob1's Avatar
    I just bought an unlocked 8700c and am trying to load Palm Addresses. I exported the Palm address file to a CSV file. Then tried to import this file into the BB (I assume CSV file is what BB means by ASCII file) after setting up Synchronization on the Media Manager to do so. I get error message 0x80040057. Any suggestions what this means and how to get around it?

    I also tried the Switch Device Wizard on the Blackberry Desktop Manager but all I get from that is "...not successful. Errors occurred during the process."

    Earlier I successfully imported the Palm info into a BB Curve (then I imported both Palm and OUtlook info) and it worked fine.
    02-27-10 02:11 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Check the format of your CSV file. Unfortunately not all CSV conform to the same standards particularly around text strings. Try importing into a spreadsheet like Excel, and see if it imports correctly. Also try re-exporting from the spreadsheet, it may come out slightly different.

    Make a few address book entries in your phone and export to CSV through Desktop Manager and a mail program. Compare the formats, delimiting, field sequence... etc.

    It may be easier to import into another mail program and then synch from there. I remember having to use Outlook for this (ughhh...) at least once.
    02-28-10 08:21 AM