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    Anyone know how to recover "trapped" data (Contacts and Memos) from a seemingly functional 8700g?

    SO, I pulled a major bone head move.

    It started with the purchase of an unlocked AT&T 8300 Curve. I got all excited cause this meant I could finally upgrade from my 8700g.

    The problem: I accidently IMPORTED a blank Outlook database ONTO my 8700g when attempting to download a clean sych to put it on my new Curve. When I realized what I'd done it was too late, the Address Book, Calendar, Memos and Tasks were gone.

    Now this is where it get's wierd, if I go into my email Messages, "Open" an email from any of my "missing" contacts, select that contact's name by clicking the scroll wheel, choosing to "Show Address" then "Add to Address Book" all of that previously "lost" contact's info is propagated into the Address Book.

    Where can I find those "trapped" contacts as neither T-Mobile BBerry support nor my local aftermarket cell phone gurus know where this information is stored within the BBerry unit (of course we looked on the SIM and tried the Filters option).

    03-25-08 11:08 PM