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    After being years and years attached to Nokia cell phones (the last one was a 6131), I decided to move on to a BB device, mainly because I miss the "push" email thing.

    Got the 8700g for $60.
    With my Nokia 6131, I just paid $1 / MB for EDGE data traffic.
    Now my operator wants me to pay $10 for a 1MB plan, or $20 for a 15MB BB plan.

    Now, some questions:

    As my operator makes the difference between "internet traffic" and "blackberry" traffic. Which data really eats up the BB data plan? all my email and attachments "pushed" to my device? (and configured on blackberry.com?)
    If I use the embedded browser, it's just "standard" data traffic?
    How often does the server check my mails?

    I like the device, for a first time user it's a neat piece of hardware, I still have to figure it out how to load programs on it though.. I had gmail app in my Nokia and several other java apps working like a charm.

    The only thing I regret is that it's practically useless without a "service book" from my provider
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    11-08-07 09:22 PM
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    Bottom line, no data plan, no "BlackBerry" service. Meaning, you just basically have the basic function which is your phone and its standard features which are the texting (SMS), phonebook and or contacts, calendar ...
    11-08-07 09:38 PM
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    yup trust me i know from experience even though i downloaded opera mini and put a boost mobile sim in my 7100i i still don't have any blackberry services all i can do is make calls,surf the web (when i have minutes on my phone) i cannot text mms or anything. i am trying to get an 8700g for my tmobile account i have the nokia 6133 at the moment
    11-15-07 12:31 AM