1. kf4qhk's Avatar
    I am thinking of getting an 8703e for my Sprint Account. I have unlimited data, and am thinking that it would be a great thing for me. I wanted to get feed back for those that have had this phone.


    10-07-09 09:44 PM
  2. IZZY Dead's Avatar
    Why would you buy a Dinosaur? Unless you just like Dinosaur's
    10-07-09 09:48 PM
  3. BergerKing's Avatar
    Pretty well behind the times on that one, but the are a few people that still use them. But, I don't think you can expect much in the way of updates or support.

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    10-07-09 09:51 PM
  4. kf4qhk's Avatar
    The curve is just more expensive. What will I lose from the curve if I get this model? I am just being frugal.
    10-07-09 09:53 PM
  5. wandiweah's Avatar
    pretty much, all you lose from the curve is:
    media card support
    MMS (you might have it, i dunno, i don't on my 8700c)
    video capabilities
    the extra apps and stuff you can have the with trackball

    but the 87xxs are durable as ****! and they don't freeze up and crap all the time
    10-07-09 09:58 PM
  6. l.a.rossmann's Avatar
    Why would you buy a Dinosaur? Unless you just like Dinosaur's
    It's harder to scroll through menus with the trackball then the clickwheel.

    I'd attribute the lack of hourglassing/freezing on the 8700 to the fact that it can't run half the applications the 8330 can.
    10-11-09 01:05 PM
  7. kukhuvud's Avatar
    The 8703e is a damn solid BB, that's for sure. They'll still be functioning long after humanity is dead!

    It's a nice phone for no-frills-getting-the-job-done. But: it is getting a bit old. It can't use the BB App World and some other new apps, and within a year or two progress will really have left it in the dust.

    If all you care about is having a solid phone that will get your e-mail & calendar appointments forever and ever, then it's a good phone. But if you want anything more, get a newer model....
    10-15-09 12:47 PM
  8. 92turboaccord's Avatar
    i bought on off ebay for 56 bucks cause my instinct broke and i think its a pretty decent phone my only gripe is i cant get slacker radio to work
    10-19-09 01:37 PM
  9. agough05's Avatar
    I personally love the 8703, I use the 8830 now but the 8703 was cool too! I like the fact that the device has a power button on rop that can double as a backlight control. I say go for it! You can also upgrade the 8703 to 4.5 using the t-mobile upgrade. I did it to mine and it worked great, also, all the curve themes will now work with the phone after you upgrade it. Do it!

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    10-22-09 04:27 PM
  10. D2G's Avatar
    I used the 8703e for several years up until July 2009 when I upgraded to the Storm. The 8703e is a very solid device with great battery life and I still have mine as a backup device. If you want a BB for mainly text-based messaging (email, SMS or BBM, etc.) and voice calls, of course, then go for it. Its features compared to current models are limited, but it does the functions described very well. Also, the 8703e has bluetooth and would pair with every device I ever attempted to connect with - from headsets to my built-in Infiniti bluetooth car system.
    10-24-09 08:39 PM