1. crd26a's Avatar
    Corp. was kind enough to install the IT Policy on my device disabling both Desktop Manager and OTA disabling of installing programs. From what I can tell from search, I am SOL of getting any themes onto my device, but I thought I would verify this.

    Thanks to whomever answers, much appreciated.
    09-16-07 02:04 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Sorry, nothing you can do. I.T Policies are in place for a reason. But, disabling theme installs is a bit extreme, I say...
    09-16-07 03:49 PM
  3. crd26a's Avatar
    Themes themselves aren't the issue as I can switch between the factory default themes, but adding any new themes is a different story.
    09-16-07 04:05 PM