1. anon1034912's Avatar
    Does anyone how to have a different sound for text messages only? Right now vmails and texts have the same sound?
    Also can I make it so that the vmails dont show up in my message inbox?
    01-10-08 02:07 PM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    voicemail alerts from your carrier come to you as SMS text messages and cannot be differentiated from a normal SMS text message.
    01-10-08 02:16 PM
  3. anon1034912's Avatar
    anyway to remove them from the message list? i can already see i have a message at the top of the screen and these just add to the growing list of messages?
    01-10-08 02:18 PM
  4. jsanders's Avatar
    them? voicemail alerts or SMS messages?

    I can't see what BB model you have, but you might be able to remove your SMS and Voicemail alerts from the main message folder by going to Messages > Options > General Options > scroll to bottom > Separate SMS/MMS mail box.
    01-10-08 02:34 PM
  5. anon1034912's Avatar
    the vmail alerts. I do not want them in the message list at all.
    01-10-08 02:57 PM
  6. jsanders's Avatar
    no, sorry.
    01-10-08 02:58 PM
  7. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Actually! I just found out yesterday, if you have a Pearl, and voicemail entries are in the message list call your provider (2nd level) and they can fix it.

    I had a user, here, at work, AT&T and with a Pearl, same issue, and AT&T fixed it at their end, it's not device related...
    01-10-08 03:03 PM
  8. jsanders's Avatar
    So AT&T can remove the Voicemail Alerts ONLY from Pearls? Strange, especially that it is not device related.
    01-10-08 03:09 PM
  9. cassandraj's Avatar
    (i know this is way overdue but. for anyone who's looking at this thread now

    perhaps i'm misreading the question but as far as making different sounds, you should be able to choose that from your profiles options.

    -go to Profiles icon, select it with trackball
    -scroll down past "off" to "Advanced", select it
    -choose whichever profile you'd like to edit first (or whichever profile is ACTIVE) by pressing your trackball
    -find SMS Text and select it by pressing trackball, choose your sound.
    -find Level 1 messages (=voicemail) and do the same.

    (You can also change noises for everything else in here..AIM, Twitterberry, MMS, MySpace.)
    11-30-08 11:12 PM