1. eyee1805's Avatar
    I have an 8700g T-mobile that I bought unlocked in Canada. I can't seem to find this application.

    06-02-09 10:30 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    If you cant find it on the device then chances are that it was removed with applications loader. Download the OS for your device to your pc. To find out what OS version you have go to options/about and its the third line down. You can choose to upgrade to 4.5 if you wish by getting it from the stickies in the top of this 87xx forum. Start desktop manager and select applications loader. When the list populates on the left make sure there is a check in the box for tasks. Follow the prompts to completion. Let me know if you need more help. Welcome to CB!
    06-03-09 01:47 PM
  3. eyee1805's Avatar
    Dear rlp32L

    Thanks for your help. Your suggestion worked. I've learned something new about my machine, always a treat.

    06-11-09 08:44 PM