1. MNtoFLTransplant's Avatar
    In my current job at a small company, I have been using my current Blackberry 8700g for work emails for nearly 2 years with Outlook 2007.

    Just last month at my office, I got a new computer. All things would seem to be equal... I have the same device, and am still running Outlook 2007. Now, however, for whatever reason I cannot get my work emails with Outlook open and running. This seems to be the opposite problem of what I have read other posters have with needing to open the program first.

    So, whenever I close my Outlook 2007 at the end of the day, log off the server and shut down, I get e-mails overnight and early in the morning from foreign customers. But once I get into the office, log in and start Outlook 2007, the emails stop. Funny thing is, I can use my Blackberry to send email from the same account anytime I wish (not much good if I can only do new messages and not reply to anyone)!

    My IT person here swears up and down that nothing has changed in the set up on Outlook between my old computer and my new one, and that Microsoft Exchange remains unchanged as well. The only thing I personally can see different about my new Outlook 2007 setup is that it minimizes automatically now to the lower right next to the clock.

    The IT guy refuses to consider something is wrong with my Outlook 2007 setup and keeps sending me to the T-Mobile site to update my account online, but this does not fix the problem .
    03-17-10 10:35 AM
  2. teufel_hunden_'s Avatar
    my only guess is to make sure that the option to "leave messages on server" is checked ... 1 day is fine.
    03-17-10 11:16 AM
  3. MNtoFLTransplant's Avatar
    my only guess is to make sure that the option to "leave messages on server" is checked ... 1 day is fine.
    Where do I see this option? In Outlook or on my device?
    03-17-10 01:04 PM
  4. ashlynmika's Avatar
    Its really easy. Go into outlook, then under tools select account settings. Double click your email account and then hit the "more settings" button and select the advanced tab. Towards the bottom of that screen you should see the option to leave a copy of the message on the server... I just tried it on my blackberry so good luck to you.
    05-18-10 03:27 PM