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    Hi all - I just received an unlocked 8700g that was formally a Suncom branded BB. It recognizes my T-Mobile SIM, it seems to register on the network (I get GSM and 4 bars), but I cannot make or receive calls. I tried to register the IMEI with T-Mobile and send the service books, but it appears the phone is not actually registering on the network!
    Steps taken:
    - I've already wiped it clean and re-installed the OS from BB. This didn't help, same result.
    - I also followed the process to remove the IT Policy.
    - I do have a BB data plan with T-mobile for many years now, everything works as expected with my T-mobile branded BB (that got wet so the screen looks bad, but still usable) When I purchased a different unlocked BB that was cingular branded, I had no problem sending the service books and registering it with T-mobile. **Only this Suncom branded BB 8700g is giving me problems.

    Any help is much appreciated!
    04-06-08 11:17 PM