1. Maru_snowkitty's Avatar
    Ok so i have an 8700c and it says i have a message. Well i checked all the folders and deleted what was there and now they are empty and yet it still says there is a message.. is there any way that its picking up something from some where else?

    problem 2
    okay i can't find Brickbreaker anywhere in my phone and i dont know if it was deleted or not.. not sure what to do with this one.

    please help in what ever way you can.. the green light is very annoying.
    01-04-10 07:50 PM
  2. 04stx's Avatar
    About the messages.......do a battery pull.
    About Brickbreaker..........go to Settings>Options>Advanced>Applications....scroll around and see if it is there. If it is there then it is simply hidden. If it is hidden then go to your homescreen and press the alt key, click in on the track pad then select "show all"
    About the green light.......go to Settings>Options>Screen/Keyboard then scroll down to coverage indicator and turn it off.

    I hope this all helps.

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    01-19-10 11:52 PM