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    I have a 8700C (or maybe a G), that I use to tether so that I can have internet access out in the middle of nowhere with T-Mobile.

    For months, the process was seamless. I would tether my phone to the computer and I never had any problem. But the past few weeks, every time I try this it doesn't work. Instead of the internet I get the "Welcome to my T-Mobile" page (I cannot go to any web page). In order to use the phone I have to delete and reinstall the desktop software. (V 610_B038) When I do this, it works again.

    For a while I thought that maybe that an update had come through causing this, but as soon as the desktop is started I stop the update process in my Task Manager. It's like the computer loses a driver or something. I don't know why this is happening or how to fix it. I can still use the phone to tether but it is a total PITA to have to reinstall the software each and every time.

    I am running WIN7 Ultimate. Keep in mind that there have been NO CHANGES to my system whatsoever since this problem has started. I have also tried installing V610_b034 to see if this made any difference and the same thing happened.

    Any advice or assistance will be gratefully appreciated.
    04-26-12 04:47 PM