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    HI. Group.
    My BB 8700G was not able to latch on to the service providers network. Everytime, the indicator for the EDGE services used to appear in small letters, instead of caps like EDGE. Some of the things suggested by the CS Reps was my handset is a stolen one so blocked by RIM, my handset has data locked and only voice enabled(so edge not getting activated), my handset is faulty(edge chip damaged ! ! !). Actually all of these things are wrong.

    The problem was apparently in the OS...I had upgraded the handset to 4.5.

    Am writing down the procedure to solve this kind of problems. I guess the users in India purchasing from Akanksha(Indore) will have this problem.

    1) If you haven't upgraded then its fine. all you have to do is ensure that BB service with access to the BIS is enabled on your account. Try opening Opera browser on your handset two-three times. and then do a hard reboot.

    2) if you have already upgraded then you have to downgrade according to teh procedure published in this forum and then install Opera and then do step one.

    3)One thing to keep in mind is that teh BIS service needs to be active. In some cases when you are using the Rs. 299 prosumer plan, the BIS is not active so you cannot activate the EDGE services. In that case what you have to do is activate the 1099 plan for first month. ensure that your hndset starts working and then change back to the 299 unlimited usage plan.

    I hope this helps someone.

    Jawed Ahmed
    06-17-09 12:42 AM
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    Hi Jawad

    I have purchased Curve 8320 and having the same problem

    I have 299 plan and it is been charged to me from last 3-4months

    I have upgraded OS 3time now, still edge is not small

    pls help
    06-26-09 05:38 AM
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    Hi Jawad,
    Will your trick work for my BB Bold 9700 ???
    I have been getting the edge in small caps due to which I am not able to use BB services. I am using the vodafone service in Mumbai India.
    Please help. I have been struggling because I have bought this phone from Dubai Ebay and there is no way i can go fight for it and return it as I stay in India.
    04-08-10 09:53 AM
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    04-08-10 04:16 PM