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    I just acquired an 8700v that I am intending to use as a spare whilst my 9000 is away for repair. It came from a box of equipment to recycle so I don't know its history.

    When I first picked it up it wouldn't turn on at all and on closer examination the battery was bulged. I plugged it into my Bold charger with no battery in it and got a white screen with a picture of a battery and a line through it so I thought it's not completely dead.

    I just got a new battery from eBay, inserted it and plugged the Bold charger in again. I get a solid read light with a black screen then a white screen with the hour-glass. The keypad then lights but after a few seconds the 8700 reboots again. I left it for about half an hour in case it was a seriously flat battery preventing it booting but it's still stuck in the reboot loop.

    Do you think it's a gonner or is there something I can do to try to breathe life back into it please?

    07-20-09 02:31 PM
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    Why not just find a cheap Curve for $80 to use instead? Sounds like you've put a lot in to this one and aren't seeing the results you'd prefer.
    07-20-09 02:33 PM
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    07-20-09 04:25 PM
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    Thank you

    With a small alteration because of the changes in Desktop Manager 4.7 (The Apploader is now built into the Manager) that worked a treat.

    I now have a working 8700. It's a bit beaten up but it will see me through while mine is getting fixed I just couldn't go a whole week without a berry *twitch*twitch*

    Thanks again,
    07-20-09 07:42 PM
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    If its under warranty your seller should gave you a loan unit of BB to you.

    Of course no one should not be without Berries even for a day.

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    08-02-09 10:49 AM