1. Myddtwk's Avatar
    I am showing that I have e-mail but when I check my message box there is nothing there. What do I need to do?
    02-05-08 02:49 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    With the device powered on pull out the battery, then reinsert the battery.
    02-05-08 03:04 PM
  3. Myddtwk's Avatar
    nope that didn't work, still showing that i have an unread e-mail
    02-05-08 03:33 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    Are you sure it's not for another message besides email? Check your other messages folder. Ghost message indicator is almost always solved by a battery pull. Which leads me to believe you have an unread message in a message folder or application (there is more than one message folder). If you go into the main message folder, press menu, then view folder, you will see what I mean.
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    02-05-08 04:08 PM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Also, from the messages window, go to the date line, then press menu / mark previous as read...

    Also, go to messages / menu / view folder / wap messages. Anything in there?
    02-05-08 04:09 PM
  6. Myddtwk's Avatar
    found it, it was a saved msg. but would it show as a unread msg. also found my phone log, how can i delete all the calls from this log?
    02-05-08 05:20 PM
  7. sunkast's Avatar
    Scroll to the most recent date, press menu and choose delete prior.
    02-05-08 07:00 PM
  8. Myddtwk's Avatar
    thanks again found it. learning something new everyday.
    02-06-08 12:20 PM