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    I tried looking for some threads about this, but couldn’t locate any . . . so, here goes.

    I just upgraded my old Curve to a Bold 8700 on AT&T over the weekend. It’s running on my company’s BES, and I also have a personal Comcast account on the device also.

    Here’s the problem ::: About 60 – 70% of my outgoing e-mails are immediately ending up in a Pending Status (with the clock next to it) after pressing the Send Button. The device *never* tried to resend it and, in fact, I’m not even sure there’s an attempt to send the mail in the first place since I’ve never seen any arrows in the upper right of the screen. (i.e. It goes immediately to the Pending Status). Here’s what I know so far:

    • This only happens with *new* messages. It *never* happens when Replying.
    • It doesn’t matter if WiFi is turned on or off.
    • It happens with both my BES e-mail account *and* my personal Comcast account.
    • Once the message “hangs” in the Pending Status, it never attempts to resend it.
    • Once in the Pending Status I am able to click the message and choose “Resend”. This immediately sends the message without any trouble.

    RIM had me recreate my BES Account and reactivate it on the BES after wiping all the security policy settings. This didn’t solve the problem.

    It really seems to me that it’s an OS Bug since it never even attempts to send the message. This is evident since the arrows never come up on the screen before it goes to Pending.

    Anybody have any idea as to what might be causing this? Any idea how to correct?

    Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.
    02-15-10 09:35 PM
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    Maybe get a new phone. Btw, are you sure you have a 8700. Its seems like you have a 9700 Bold. I have one too and have returned it 3 times so far. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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    02-16-10 12:29 PM
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    Do you have an 87XX series device, OR a Bold 9700? If so then I should move this thread to the 9700 Forum. Let me know thou, IF you are still around since you might be a 1 post wonder.
    02-16-10 09:07 PM