1. MiniBB's Avatar
    Sorry to bug you all with what I think is a stupid question...

    Since I don't speak or read any language other then English and a tiny bit of German, would it be ok to delete the "Language and Input Support" applications?
    I sincerely doubt that I will ever need the Korean Characters, French, Semitic Characters, etc...

    Danke und Guten Tag... (told ya I knew a little German!)
    07-16-07 08:20 PM
  2. Giavanna's Avatar

    I asked RIM that question when I first got my BlackBerry and they said it is safe to delete the languages that you are not going to use. It even frees up a little free space on the BB.

    By the way, there are no stupid questions ever. Everyone here will always be more than willing to help with whatever questions you may have whether they are basic or advanced.

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    07-16-07 08:39 PM
  3. MiniBB's Avatar
    Thanks much!

    help like this is why I am on this forum everyday.

    By the way - thanks to the forum for keeping me company today. I have been doing a big print job that required me to babysit my printer and I spent my time reading a bunch of old posts. Learned alot!
    07-16-07 09:07 PM
  4. Trevor's Avatar
    Thanks, I never even thought about that. I went in and I am deleting some as we speak. I am backed up in case anything goes wrong, but I can alway use some free memory. Thanks for the idea!
    07-16-07 09:10 PM
  5. kasperapd's Avatar
    Deleting unused languages won't hurt. It does free up and good amount of space, but like Trevor said, always make sure you do a backup first.. just in case...
    07-16-07 11:55 PM
  6. Scrimp's Avatar
    How do you add languages to a device? Ive had no lock finding any language packs anywhere but dictionaries.
    08-24-07 12:16 AM
  7. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Doing the application loader from within Desktop Manager 9with the device connected) should give you the option to add a 'few'...
    08-24-07 12:27 AM
  8. John Clark's Avatar
    Doing the application loader from within Desktop Manager 9with the device connected) should give you the option to add a 'few'...
    Just be sure you have the OS installed to your PC first, otherwise you won't see anything to add.
    08-24-07 02:53 AM
  9. Scrimp's Avatar
    I just keep getting to update again and again with the same update i already installed that only limits me to English, French or Spanish. I want to add German and Dutch.
    08-24-07 08:57 PM
  10. jamesbailey98's Avatar
    Hi, I need help. I have a Curve and use a Mac. I am almost out of internal memory but cannot use the advice on maximizing memory because I do not have Desktop Manager (due to Mac). I use PocketMac SyncManager. I went to buy a microSD card to increase my memory because I need to download some medical third party software onto my Blackberry for work. I was told by the guy that Blackberry will not allow you to download third party software onto your external memory. But I only have a little internal memory left. Few questions: 1) Is this true about not being able to download apps to your microSD? 2) How do I maximize my memory using a Mac since Mac does not support Desktop Manager? 3) If I do buy a MicroSD, can I transfer things on my internal memory now (like phone numbers, pics, etc) to my external memory, and how?
    01-12-08 08:36 PM