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    I've been lurking on Crackberry for a couple of years now, and I need some help if possible. I have an 8700c which I love and have loads of ringtones and wallpapers etc. I just added Mobipocket and my first two ebooks. I found a site that allows you to download ebooks "over RSS feed". I don't have a data plan now, (AT&T is just too high still), so does that mean I cannot get RSS feeds? I know I am missing email and internet, but I sit at a desk all day long on email and internet for my job, so I am not really feeling that pain. But new information, easily read in my car (or while a passenger on a plane) like the RSS feeds would be great. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. CB is the first place I come for help and information.
    03-10-09 07:38 AM