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    I bought a second hand 8700v via ebay, having previously owned a 7290. Im very happy with it, however everytime i lokc/unlock the device/keypad it asks me for my password. entering it again and again and again is getting very tedious, so I was wondering whether theres a way to disable this features?

    Under settings>security options>general settings I can see a password option, but clicking it only gives change password, wipe handheld or verify security software, no 'disable' function.

    Ive tried updating to the latest software using the sticky, but desktop manager doesnt prompt for an update. Ive also had a google about and I believe I need to change the IT Policy, but ive no idea how to do this. I think I may need an updated version of my Handheld software, but as I mentioned the stickied one doesnt seem to work (I dont get an option to select an 8700, just installs as an 8707?). Anyone know where I can get the latest 8700v software?

    Can anyone out there help?
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    04-03-08 09:11 AM
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    You would have to wipe the handheld. It will remove all personal info in the process.
    04-03-08 10:20 AM
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    Just managed to get hold of the latest vodafone software via a link on another forum, and its sorted my problem for me, the IT policy has now been removed. Thanks for the reply.
    04-03-08 10:51 AM
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    How can I wipe out the IT policy on my BB and unlock the provider vodafone. Can you give the link...
    06-25-08 05:25 PM