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    Sometimes when someone replies to an email that I have sent them, I only receive my original message and not their reply. When I go to my desktop computer, the whole message is there but on the Blackberry it is cutting the top off. This only happens sometimes. This device has been wiped twice a few days ago.

    By the way the fifth email icon finally came back after an hour from the time I did a soft reset. Even though I have insurance on the device, the thought of getting a refurbished one upsets me because this device is only a few months old. I feel if this device was a lemon, since it has so many issues from day one (middle of Feb. 2007), why do I have to have a refurbished one.

    Any input that you could give me regarding the email issue would be most appreciated.

    I don't mind buying a new Blackberry full price but I would have liked to have at least gotten 1 year of use before moving on to another one.

    As always, your help is deeply appreciated.
    06-13-07 09:49 AM
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    The emails that are 'not showing correctly', do they happen to be html emails?

    With regards to getting a 'replacement / refurbished' device from a carrier, it's always 50/50. Even if you ask them they'll tell you the same thing. Now, bare in mind the 8700 is old, so, the likelihood of you getting a new one is slim to none...

    ps: I did a search on this issue online. Are these email to Yahoo.com users? If yes, call your carrier, and have them place a ticket with RIM...
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    06-13-07 09:55 AM
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    To answer your question regarding the messages that I was only receiving my original message and not the senders message: I don't believe the message was html but the message that I was receiving only half of it happened to be a Yahoo user. Since everyone else that sends me emails I have no problem receiving and it's only one Yahoo friend, I will address it with Blackberry if it happens with my other friends. As you know, I've had many problems with the 8703e and I'm afraid for them to tinker with it.

    You mentioned that the 8703e is an older Blackberry..........I thought it wasn't around that long. I thought Verizon Wireless just got this in. I also heard that the newer Blackberry's screen are not as large as the 8703e.

    None of the newer Blackberry's really impress me to purchase a different one. I've kind of grown attached to mine............it doesn't leave my side. Prior to owning a Blackberry, all my cell phones stayed in my brief case and rarely ever was used because I disliked them.

    Thanks for all your input. As always, I am truly grateful for all your help.
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    06-15-07 07:55 PM
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    First let me start by saying I'm a newbie (got my phone last week). I have not had any problems with my phone up until now--I LOVE it and have already done a ton of apps on it.

    I am having the same prob described by the person above. I got 2 messages, both from aol users, today and I see the message that I sent them, but not their reply. I think these are the first messages I have gotten from aol people, but everything else has come through fine. I can see the whole message on my PC.

    Am I missing a setting or something??? Please help!
    06-15-07 08:38 PM
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    It's a Yahoo / HTML thing. Yahoo have a new email interface they just released, and that is causing the issue...
    06-15-07 09:32 PM
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    As usual you are 100% correct Navilyn. It definitely is a Yahoo/Html thing as to why the email messages are not being received in it's entire content. I've tried several times to let RIM know of the problem, but unfortunately after waiting several hours each time I called on three separate occasions I decided to just have my Yahoo friend either just call me or I would read the message off of my laptop or desktop.

    07-08-07 05:06 PM
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    What about installing EMpower?
    07-08-07 07:48 PM
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    Thank you Navilyn. I will consider your suggestion.

    07-08-07 10:12 PM