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    Been searching this place and the entire internet all day... I know that Verizon has crippled MMS messaging on the 8703 because it's not a camera phone. I know too that all I need is a service book to make it work, but those have to come from the carrier.

    So what I am getting at is: does anyone know a way to get picture messages TO my Blackberry? Is there a workaround? I know that I can FORWARD my friends picture messages, but what I am asking for is a way to get them on my phone (via email) FROM my friends, without having to got to vzwpix.com.

    I saw someone built a workaround for Sprint, but I don't think it will work with Verizon.

    I am pleading to the masses here, if you have any ideas, know of any ways, please let me know.

    Again, I am looking for a way to RECEIVE picture/sound messages from my friends via my BlackBerry email. Because, as I understand it, that's probably the only option I (we) have.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    Basically, I have a lot of friends who send me funny pix forwards or pictures of themselves. They usually just forward it to my phone number from their cell phone. I don't want my friends to have to add a special email address that they have to select each time just to send me a fwd or a pic. Does that make any sense??
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    Email works best.
    08-04-08 02:34 PM