1. aircom's Avatar
    I'm new to B.B. I purchased an 8700 from ebay that was preiosly used by T-mobile. I am with Rogers. This phone is supposed to be unlocked. but i am unable to perform voice comunication - only sms/mms data. I am unable to disable the password:enable situation in options - I can only change password. this may be locked by previos owner administrator. I thought maybe I need to reinstall new os software to clear this problem. If this is the case can I upgrade from to or higher. please help.
    04-01-09 03:46 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Do you have the little lock icon in the security options where your trying to disable password? You may want to read this thread
    This will help you remove an IT policy if there is one on your device. Then you can upgrade to 4.5
    04-01-09 07:06 PM