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    I've spent a couple of hours reading the different hits that came up when I searched for it,but I found nothing conclusive.Maybe I missed something,but here goes.
    A friend of mine's been to Italy and bought a BlackBerry 8700g.He brought it back and offered to sell it to me.I bought it and it's locked on TIM,as far as the logo on it says.How do I unlock the phone for use in the networks of my home country?The only networks available here are Vodafone,Orange and Cosmote.If I ask them for an unlock code via e-Mail will they give it to me just like that or do I have to pay for it?If so,how and from where?I live in Romania.
    BlackBerry software version is v.4.10.309
    Also,any SIM card that i put in it says that it's invalid.
    Thanks in advance
    05-15-08 04:09 PM
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    They may only unlock the device for you if you are a customer. Ask them anyway as they may do it or a fee. hen you ask them give them the device PIN number and imei code. You can find these by going to options > about on the device.

    Failing that you will have to puchase an unlock code from an online unocking website.

    If the device was used previously for email you should also check with TIM or your friend that the PIN has been released from the Blackberry account.

    Hope this helps.

    Welcome to CB!
    05-15-08 04:28 PM
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    Thanks for the info!
    Sent an e-Mail to Orange Customer Service right now.I hope I can unlock it here.Not many phone specialists in our country :P
    Also,could you give me some of the sites where you pay for the unlock codes?
    Thanks again.
    Also,thanks for the welcome.Nice forum.Nice people.Great to be here
    05-16-08 05:02 AM