1. bturnerjr's Avatar
    I got an old 8703 from work. The system was wiped and I went through the handheld and wiped again before activating under my personal account. The IT policy was still on the unit. I asked our admin to remove it and she said she did but it reappeared. I fianlly followed the instruction for removing on the form.

    My question I keep being told that they should be able to remove the policy from the BES admin. Is this a true?
    12-18-08 07:54 PM
  2. leewrisley's Avatar
    I just went through a bit of the same thing with my 8703e. Bought it used, the PIN was associated with the previous user, and wasn't able to make changes on BIS/BES. Contact my carrier and they established a new account on BIS for me. Your carrier should be able to help you in the same way.
    12-19-08 09:34 PM