1. BBYLV's Avatar
    Hi....have been reading alot since I first got my BB a few months ago, but now I have an issue that is causing me to want to drink.

    I have about 17 profiles w/ exceptions, all with ringtones I have downloaded.

    For example, my son is setup as the same ringtone for SMS, phone, message ect., and I have my sister setup with a different ringtone for each.

    I have had everyone test and it was fine...then I added my husband.

    I have one tone for SMS and a different tone for phone for him.

    But now when anyone calls and leaves a voicemail, the tone I have for husbands SMS is what plays for everyone. I have checked and this tone is only set as his SMS.

    I have deleted his profile and exception and expected that when someone called and left a message, it would play a tone that was set in someone elses profile/exception, bit it worked like it should, playing the tone I have set for the Loud profile.

    So I added him again but using different ringtones than I had before, thinking it was a glitch with that tone.

    Happened again.

    I have even deleted him out of the address book, and put im back in under a different name (I was desperate). Still the same thing.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    07-19-07 11:00 PM
  2. MiniBB's Avatar
    That is so weird!
    Have you tried deleting the ringtones and then doing a battery pull?
    07-27-07 09:11 PM