1. PierreC's Avatar
    My BB is an 8703e - OS 4.2 and DM 4.3.

    I downloaded and installed DM 4.5 tonight. Installation was completed whereas I could do a backup and synchronization.

    The problem is that it did not fully install the Roxio Media Manager. It continually launches and tries to complete the installation of the Roxio Media Manager every few minutes which is very annoying. The problem is that the install program cannot find the Roxio Media Manager.msi file.

    I've searched my computer's hard drive and could not locate the *.msi file.

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem? If not, I will simply uninstall DM 4.5 and reinstall DM 4.3.

    Your continued help is greatly appreciated.
    08-13-08 10:51 PM
  2. PierreC's Avatar

    I sort of fix my problem where I decided to reinstall the DM 4.5. Once I launched the install, I was given a few options - I selected the option where DM 4.5 would be reinstalled minus the Roxio Media Manager. The other reason is due to the fact that I have the 8703e which does not support media card.
    08-15-08 08:37 PM