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    I have tmobile and i have the blackberry 8700. I love my blackberry but I needed some clarification.

    I use all 10 email accounts, and most are for different company address, we do not use the blackberry enterprise server. I simply setup 8 pop accounts which does not use https and 1 yahoo account and 1 gmail account which uses https.

    So i have 2 questions:

    1) I thought blackberry was more secure? Is it more secure then lets say the Iphone or g1 or what ever if you are not using the blackberry email account they give?

    2) If not how unsecure is it? What can i do to make it more secure? Do i need to have https setup for my company pop account?

    3) Is there any other option so that the email is a bit more secure.

    4) My friend that uses the iphone says that they have push notification, and I was a bit suprised I thought that was blackberry only. I love my blackberry, however, can you tell me the main advantages of using blackberry email vs iphone email if you are not using an exchange or blackberry mail server.

    In short i have a small business and I am using the pop mail account features. So benefits do i get
    07-06-09 12:00 PM