1. panty_caz's Avatar

    I just bought a blackberry 8707v off ebay.After a week i am still having many problems and am close to throwing it away.Can you please help me.

    1)When i turn on google maps it goes to 10 then i get an error saying there is problem with the firewall, something inside conecting to outside. I HAVE CHANGED THE IT POLICY. using these forums i have put in policy.bin. so got a blank policy. Still having problems accessing. DO you know why ?

    2)I dont have a browser. (please dont laugh). the book mentions all these shortcuts for internet browser, but i cant see or open any browsers. do you know why? the phone is a "vodaphone" branded but it is unlocked to toher networks.

    The main reason i purched this phone was for the google maps and internet browsing. now all my girlfriends are laughing at me as i seem to have an oversized phone.Well actually i like the facilty ad the feel of the blackberry but i would like to get the googlemaps and the internet to work.

    feel free to ask me any questions or quiz me further.i am terible at this electrical stuff and will try to get back to you.

    thank you beforehand for your help and generosity.

    11-06-07 04:10 PM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    Do you have a BB Data Plan? the browser and GMaps won't work otherwise.

    What do I need a Data Plan for? - BlackBerryFAQ

    Good luck,
    11-06-07 04:19 PM
  3. panty_caz's Avatar
    Well........i dont have a BB data plan.

    it may sound really stupid, but i never thought of that.and now you mention it it makes sence. So tommorrow i will contact o2 my provider and get in touch, think its around 10 a month.

    But once i do that i should have a browser and maps working, correct?

    thanx for quick reply btw

    furthermore the enterprise activation, that can be removed right ? that is for buissness/company phones correct?
    11-06-07 04:31 PM