1. hilroyy's Avatar
    I have a 8700c (Cingular) Blackberry which I unlocked and am using on Rogers Network. After reading through the site I am told that I can upgrade the Blackberry's Operating System as long as I delete the vender.xml file. I just want some clarification that I can download any providers OS for the 8700 and install it. I can goto Rogers, download their OS for the 8700 and it will work?

    03-20-08 02:21 AM
  2. Sems's Avatar
    Yes, as long as you download the software for 8700 exactly, any provider's will work fine.
    03-20-08 10:37 PM
  3. kuehnbjh's Avatar
    Hi there, I currently live in California and have an 8700C blackberry with Cingular. We are relocating to Toronto Canada and I am wondering if I am able to "unlock or transfer" this BB so that I can set it up with Rogers and use it in Canada.

    I am definitely not a technophile (or even a semi-expert) so I am hoping somebody can help explain if this is possible, and if so how to actually do it.

    My cell # is 916 955 3545 or you can email me at kuehnbjh@mapleleaf.ca

    Thanks very much,

    03-21-08 07:52 PM
  4. Sems's Avatar
    Yes, there are companies, such as gsmphonesource.com will do it.

    Process is simple. You provide them your IMEI number and current provider the device is locked to and they'll provide you the unlock code and set of instructions. Usual turnaround is 24 hours from most unlock providers.

    Once it is SIM unlocked, you can get a Rogers account / SIM and use it with your device.
    03-21-08 08:02 PM