1. grobee's Avatar

    I have been trying to use the official orange romania release to upgrade my bb without success

    I have dealt with the vendor.xml file and have tried upgrading and tried installing it after a wipe with no luck

    I have tried it on two different machines. The last one I installed just DM 4.5 and the os and used the crackmem to remove the vendor file - and checked it too to make sure.

    I get different messages like your bb is up to date
    cannot (paraphrased) load os 4.5 .... components missing (does not tell me which components...

    I have tried to trick the bb by removing the battery and then installing it like that

    Im out of ideas..... is it possible that the 8703e is not compatible with this version of the os?

    suggestions or enlightening ideas are much appreciated...

    08-08-08 09:11 AM
  2. ilyo's Avatar
    Yes...8703e requires different software then the released 8700. You will need to wait until the current beta 4.5 software is released for the 8703e.

    I am hoping as well...but i think my Bold will be here before the 4.5 release anyways!
    08-18-08 08:54 AM