1. JJFrigle's Avatar
    I have been reading all of these wonderful things about the new OS that is coming for BB, but I'm wondering if it will work with the 8703's. Anybody have some information on this?

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    02-01-08 11:26 PM
  2. bonbonzbb's Avatar
    Yes, the 8703 will be graced with some of the 4.5 upgrades. There's an article I just read in PC Mag online that covers what the OS upgrade will mean for various BBs. The article title is "What the BlackBerry Update Means for You - Reviews by PC Magazine." Since I'm a CB newbie I can't post the link.

    Still no definite date when the upgrade will be out though.
    02-02-08 12:42 AM
  3. PierreC's Avatar
    02-04-08 08:20 PM