1. derekdeleon's Avatar
    So Ive recently updated my Sprint 8703e BB with the Verizon Update. I have been enjoying all of the new features, although the applications load a little slower. One other problem I found is that the trackwheel unlock feature is not working. When I click the trackwheel to unlock the Home Screen it prompts me to push the * and Talk/Call button. Anyone know if this is a glitch or if Its just set this way with the new update???
    12-19-07 10:29 PM
  2. ricardo#CB's Avatar
    Same here with a 8700r and the Roger's update.

    12-19-07 10:51 PM
  3. coolwhipdefuser's Avatar
    No glitch, thats the way it is from now on. Just hit * + Send from the get go and it'll unlock, you don't need to select unlock with the trackwheel first. It can't be changed, like it used to.
    12-20-07 12:31 AM
  4. John Clark's Avatar
    All OS 4.2 devices unlock this way now.
    12-20-07 01:13 AM
  5. jiholl5333's Avatar
    I thinks its because the newere devices with a trackball had a problem that any movement of the ball (which was so easy) caused the device to silence incoming call ring...and people missed calls...always...with 8700 and 4.1 if the wheel is moved when a call comes in, it will silence the ring...can you tell me if movement of the wheel does NOT silence the ring anymore with your 4.2 upgrade? Thanks.
    12-23-07 11:57 AM