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    how do i update my operating system? is there a OTA download? My current version is i need a updated version because there are alot of themes and games and software that i want to download but cant cuz i need an updated version of the operating system please help asapppppp

    12-20-07 12:03 PM
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    Who is your carrier?
    12-20-07 12:11 PM
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    12-20-07 10:34 PM
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    Depending on your current OS

    you can get 4.2 from either T-Mobile -

    or this one os for Verizon -


    Make sure you are using the 4.2 DM with SP2 .

    It can be found
    BlackBerry - BlackBerry - Sys Req V4-2 Pack 2

    Once you have Downloaded and installed the files,

    You need to remove the Vender.xml file ( don't know why but i was advised to do it )

    it can be found on My Computer - C drive - Programs - Common Files - Research in Motion - Apploader.

    Then run the update through you Desktop Manager.

    This will install the OS and give your phone a fresh install.

    IMPORTANT : - If you get a error message don't worry, just reinstall the OS using desktop manager.

    Sorry i couldn't add the links ( not enough posts )
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    12-21-07 05:35 AM
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    thanks alot your info helped me alot, now that i downloaded the new OS im kinda looking at my phone and do not see any of my internet browser icons at all the cingular net icon or the internet browser icon.

    as a matter of fact i see this exact error "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. And to contact my service provider to enable the Browser on my device.
    12-21-07 11:17 AM
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    ok all is not lost, when you installed the 4.2 OS did you select the Browser config. ?

    But before you do that, try and change the Theme. mine lost the browser config, and as soon as i change my theme it reapeared.

    Just a thought.
    12-21-07 11:50 AM
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    im not sure exactly if i selected the browser config, but i did change the theme and still no browser icon. what should i do ? and how should i do it.
    12-21-07 12:11 PM
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    ok, you need to attach your blackberry to your pc and click the app loader.

    this will show you what applications you have installed on your BB.

    Scan down the list and make sure the Browser is selected.

    if you still have no luck, i may have a solution but it won't be easy.

    I have a little PC based program, that Wipes your BB clean, NO OS, NO pictures, NO apps that you might have installed.

    But it does give you a fresh BB to reinstall the OS too.

    It can be found HERE
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    12-21-07 12:32 PM
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    the browser is no selected but it also will not allow me to put a check mark in the box
    12-21-07 12:45 PM
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    not selected
    12-21-07 12:46 PM
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    ok in that case its preinstalled.

    MMM strange one ?

    Try reinstalling the complete OS or use the tool i gave the download link to and see how you get on.
    12-21-07 12:52 PM
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    Well I was having no luck up until a few minutes ago when i was trying to play one of my games on my 8700c and it would not load so i pulled the battery out and re-installed it and the 2 browser icons appeared. But both icons take me to Media net and that stinks. One should take me to media net and the other should be my regular browser. But thats no the case they both take me to Media net from att......brutalllll

    any ideas thanks

    12-23-07 08:33 PM
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    While you have the browser open, click the NAV key and select options, it will show you 3 different sections,
    1. Browser Config,
    2. General Properties,
    3. Cache Operations,

    you need option 1.

    scroll down to emulation mode and select Blackberry, the scroll down again and select Start page, set that as bookmarks.

    press the ESC or Back key and select SAVE.

    you should now be Starting your browser directly to your bookmarks.
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    12-24-07 09:37 PM