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    I downloaded and installed the new 4.5OS for my 8700 yesterday and like it OTHER than the fact that I've lost my Blackberry Browser and really dislike the Cingular Bowser!! I find that I lose the cursor and have to repeatedly click my wheel and hit select mode to click a link. Grrrr

    Another thing I'm finding, too is that with Opera 4.2 when I'm browsing, I cannot switch applications or click my front buttom to bring up my SMS folder. Anyway to work around that, shy of having to exit out of OM?

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    11-28-08 08:06 PM
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    Continuing. . .

    Is there a way to get my Blackberry Browser back, as well?


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    11-28-08 08:07 PM
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    Lots of cases of a new os causes the browser to disappear temporarly but comes back after you make a call or reset te phone.

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    11-28-08 08:11 PM
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    How do I reset phone? ...and will it leave all my saved info with having to restore everything again?

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    11-28-08 08:28 PM
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    Have you tried to re register your device and resend your service books.
    11-30-08 12:14 AM
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    I've tried everything. I finally was sent a replacement phone by At&t in December and had the same problem when I upgraded my OS to 4.5 - No blackberry browser, just the Media.net browser from At&t. The porblem w/ this is that when I'm on a web page, I lose my cursor and it makes browsing terribly as I have to keep scrolling page, up then page down to see the cursor again, and to be able to click on a link.

    Two days ago I downgraded back to 4.2 OS and I send my service books and voila- First time I'd seen the blackberry browser in ages! But then I was having issues w/ my phone freezing up and rebooting about every 30min. I had to pull the battery 7x that same night.

    The next day I decided that I'd rather just have the PIA browser issue than the freezing, as I'd not ever had that issue w/ the old or this new replacement phone.

    Well now I'm afraid I've got all of the above issues!!! No blackberry browser, a cursor that disappears constantly, a phone that lags like MAD, freezes, and reboots itself.

    I've searched the forums and not found anything concerning my issues, or that I've not already done.

    I'm on OS (Platform and with an 8700c.

    I've deleted nearly all of my 3rd party applications (kept Yahoo), did the memory optimize, did CrackMem, and still I'm having a terrible time.

    I would adore if someone has a resolution for this issue.

    I will be following this thread in hopes of getting a response. Please feel free to respond here, or ping me/add to BBM: 2461EF8D.

    Thanks for reading this -- I'm close to wiping the phone or throwing it against the wall - which is conflicting, because I love it too much to make it suffer. :-P
    01-09-09 03:47 PM