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    I upgraded my 8703e back in late October to OS 4.2 and have experienced minor problems which you can read about in my other posting here.

    I use BIS to get my personal email to my device. Email has been working great for the last year.

    Much more recently, with no other changes made to the device, it has exhibited weird email behaviour when replying to notes from people at one particular organization that I deal with.

    When I get a message from one of these folks on the BB and choose Reply, I see the cursor at the very top of the body with the original email header and message below. I type my response and click send. So my test should be at the top - regular email reply behaviour.

    Now these people tell me that they got blank messages from me. After a little diagnosis, I can see my message, but it's buried down somewhere in the middle of the original message ( or possibly after the latest email in the thread of the original message). This seems to happen for anyone from this company. It's really annoying, and most haven't figured out that my email response is in there, but it's buried.

    When I send myself a message and reply to it, things work fine.

    Weird. Any thoughts?
    03-04-09 07:55 PM