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    I don't know if anyone using 4.5 has refreshed their books by re registering the routing tables. But it seems that the Blackberry browser is working (sort of). It seems they have added the yellow pages icon and when you open it up it displays the blackberry logo. This allows me to run the bank of america and ESPN links since those only work on the blackberry browser.

    Anyone else notice this. I think the only catch is you can't install the yellowbook app or it reverts back to the cingular browser
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    10-07-08 01:37 AM
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    10-07-08 01:53 AM
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    I wish I could get the bb browser back. I upgraded and the cing browser(yuck) is all I was left with. I am now using opera mini and had the yellow book icon just show up with the new service books. Any ideas how to get the original bb browser back??
    10-08-08 09:15 PM
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    Options > Advanced > Host Routing Table > Menu > Register Now.
    10-08-08 10:05 PM