1. Rose Moss's Avatar

    The background is that my husband has given me his old work blackberry, an 8700g. The network he used was BT (O2). I have bought a new battery and when it is inserted it displays BT's logo and says it is verifying security software, which is does successfully.

    I have inserted a number of different service providers SIM cards however the screen still shows "insert SIM card". I have looked under advanced options, SIM card and it states that "No Valid SIM card".

    I thought it was locked so have been through advanced options, SIM card, MEPD but everything is listed as being disabled. I believe this confirms that the phone is therefore not locked.

    I have looked under options, network and it states 02 - UK.

    I am completely new to the world of Blackberry and really struggling to understand what is wrong.

    Can anyone advise please. Thank you, Rose
    10-19-11 10:46 AM