1. Leesah71's Avatar

    I have a BB 8700c that a friend gave to me. It was issued to her by her job and her company disabled the BB from being able to send and reply to SMS/text messages. Under Options then SMS there should be an option to enable SMS text but there isn't. Will reloading the operating system fix this problem?

    08-10-08 12:03 AM
  2. tyroni's Avatar
    Go to: Options > Security Options > General Settings, check to see if there is an IT Policy name listed there

    If there is one, read This

    Did the company your friend works for release the PIN from their account? Have you registered the device to your account?

    If there is no longer a IT policy on the device, you have registered the device to your account, and you have a text plan, you need to call AT&T and have them provision the device.
    08-10-08 01:02 AM
  3. Leesah71's Avatar
    IT policy says default. Does this mean there is or isn't an IT policy. The device is registered on my AT&T account and I took it into an AT&T store and the guy there was unable to fix it and said corporate blackberrys use email not text. Is there anything I can do to provision it? It is operating on v4.1 should I upgrade to 4.5?

    08-10-08 10:11 PM