07-01-09 05:31 PM
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  1. VillageIdiot's Avatar
    I have recently updated my 8700c to and now periodically get App Error 576 when trying to open certain emails. This is repeatable, seems to be from the same contacts and (I think) either has to do with S/MIME or embedded images.

    I found a post explaining this app error at blackberry forums (sorry, can't post links as a new user) and a suggested fix at blackberry.com (again, can't post the link--easy to Google) pointing to a problem with the "Persisted Plain Text IT policy." Given that the folks who run our 100,000+ user Exchange+BES network are VERY, VERY strict, I doubt I can get them to modify the IT policy. Can anyone explain why this only mainfests in OS 4.5 and was not an issue in 4.2? I know there are differences in text handling and improved S/MIME handling in 4.5, but cannot pinpoint specific reasons for the problem and possible client side mitigation steps.

    As it stands, I play roulette with the email as I never know which will crash the device with App Error 576.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The VillageIdiot
    03-20-09 12:27 PM
  2. buisuoi's Avatar
    Does it work with 8700g?

    Does it have chinese pinyin input?
    04-07-09 04:20 AM
  3. buisuoi's Avatar
    Nobody answer me?
    04-13-09 03:46 AM
  4. areacode514's Avatar
    Do you have to use the OS from your carrier?
    For example I'm with Rogers and the latest listed is v4.2.1.163
    If my phone is unlocked can I use OS from any carrier?
    Hello JeepJen,

    I'm curious to know if you ended up installing OS 4.5 onto your 8700r, and if everything works well.

    I too have an 8700r and would like to install OS 4.5 so that I can finally save Word attachments to my device (which, as I understand, is a functionality that does not exist before OS 4.5).

    Looking forward to your reply.

    04-17-09 11:59 PM
  5. Fraser_Valley_Craig's Avatar
    If i download this update, and install it with DM 4.6 and i delete the vendor.xml file before i put it on my 8700R I shouldnt have any problems correct?
    05-01-09 02:41 PM
  6. dharrison9's Avatar
    What's the performance like of 4.5 on such an old device? I know its pretty sluggish on my 8100.

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    05-03-09 05:53 PM
  7. SSCHWAB's Avatar
    Did you delete the vendor.xml file? Instructions in my signature for proper upgrade/downgrade.
    Hi , I noticed you responded to another user with the same problem I am having. I am at the same stage as he was when you told him the instructions were in your signiture. I am not sure where to find that...

    This is the message he left for you and the same problem I have with my 8700 series phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have deleted the vendor.xml file already.

    "I've got a BB8700 with an OS on it. I've tried to upgrade it to the newest OS I also have upgraded my DM for 4.6 version. When I connect my BB it says there is no available software. What am I doing wrong?"
    05-08-09 05:32 PM
  8. Heresy's Avatar
    Soryr it took so long SSCHWAB in replying.
    First you do have the OS installed on your pc correct? Meaning you double clicked the file after you downloaded it.
    Second, on your PC go to C:/program files/common files/research in motion/app loader. Scroll all the way to the bottom and delete the "vendor.xml" file. Close out of all that. Here is the link I was referring to http://forums.crackberry.com/f95/pro...ocedure-53359/ read though it for detailed instructions. Ill give you a basic run down that should get you going though.
    Now start desktop manager and do a full backup on your device just in case something happens. Also I recommend using desktop manager 4.6 with media manager for your device. Start desktop manager and it should prompt for an upgrade. If not then you may have to disconnect from the internet and try it again. This is because DM checks the internet to see if you have the newest OS version from your specific carrier. Post back your results.
    05-09-09 07:33 AM
  9. robtas's Avatar
    Having killed my BB I had it professionally restored(thank god).
    They put the 4.5 os on, but I still have two issues.
    I have desktop manager version installed but it cant connect to the BB.
    It finds the pin but wants the unit security password which does not appear to be the one I use to unlock the phone to use it.
    Where or how do I find it?
    Should desktop mgr at least connect before this?
    I got it especially to syncronise with outlook organiser.
    Would appreciate any assistance please.
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    05-30-09 06:31 AM
  10. skatterbrainz's Avatar
    Eh. Verizon 8703e is SOL on this one. appears to be the latest for that model.
    06-01-09 10:07 PM
  11. LVracerGT's Avatar
    the op link works with the 8700c correct? I have the storm myself but i'm trying to walk a friend through upgrading his os and I don't want to crash his phone.
    06-08-09 01:52 PM
  12. jawedsoft's Avatar
    Hi group,
    I got an unlocked Tmobile 8700g handset with me.

    The firmware is quiet old. It does not have any of the messengers. I wanted to upgrade it to the latest one.

    The one that I downloaded from the BB site has AT&T in its name.

    therefore I am wondering whether the phone will get locked to AT&T network only after upgrading..

    I am in India and wanted to use it with Vodafone network.
    Someone pleae guide me.
    06-11-09 01:51 AM
  13. Heresy's Avatar
    Running another carriers OS will not lock your device again. Once it is unlocked, it is unlocked. Delete the vendor.xml file and install the OS.
    06-11-09 07:52 AM
  14. jawedsoft's Avatar
    ok..thanks for replying. now I can go ahead and upgrade...thanks again.

    06-11-09 10:11 AM
  15. mitchknowsbest's Avatar
    Hi, im buying an unlocked 8700c from ebay. If i upgrade to the latest software, will that take away the unlock???? I sold my last phone and im coming back to the 8700 family, the best of all the Blackberrys LOL. Thanks
    06-11-09 10:07 PM
  16. Branta's Avatar
    Unlock is permanent. You can upgrade without fear of losing the unlock.

    BTW. I removed your double post.
    06-12-09 05:04 PM
  17. mitchknowsbest's Avatar
    Thank You, i just set it up and its perfect, i really love this 8700, thought i's miss the curve's camera, but i guess thats why we have real cameras. Thank again.
    06-13-09 01:14 AM
  18. jawedsoft's Avatar
    I upgraded the OS of my 8700 ..and its working perfectly. I did as per the given instructions on this forum. Thank you to everyone who took pains to document the process for newbies like me...

    06-13-09 10:15 AM
  19. downgraded's Avatar
    HI. I hope somebody can help me. I have had a pearl for ages and the worst thing ever happened, it got water damage. The best thing i could get out of Telus was a 8703 replacement, and as someone who loved her phone like a child, this is kinda like my child has had permanent mental damage! Its so different, but i gotta get used to it, so here is am, and i came across this software link and thought, awesome! but its for a t and t, Im with Telus. Can anybody tell me where to go to get the newest OS for the 8703e from telus? forgive me if this is a silly question, i just never really had to do much maintenance on my pearl and dont really know where to start to get the most out of my new baby! Thanks and appreciation to anyone who can assist!!
    06-29-09 03:39 PM
  20. Heresy's Avatar
    You have an 8703e which is a cdma device. This thread your in right now is for the 8700 that is a gsm device so this OS wont work for you.....just letting you know so you dont brick your device. The newest Telus OS for your device is found here. Just select your device in the list https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads...E607FE7CC0E1A0
    If you would like to get 4.5 installed on your device get it here from sprint http://www6.sprint.com/downloads/bla..._4.5.0.148.exe

    Download the OS to your pc and double click it to install it. Hook up to computer with the usb cable and it should prompt for upgrade. If you use the 4.5 from sprint you will need to delete the vendor.xml file it is located at C:/program files/common files/research in motion/apploader all the way at the bottom.
    Make sure you do a backup of your device before you begin just in case. Welcome to CB. This should get you what you need. Post back if you need more help or feel free to pin me. Pin is under my name.
    06-29-09 06:39 PM
  21. Kev_HS's Avatar
    im updating mine as i type this message and im worried about the out come....
    07-01-09 05:31 PM
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