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    I know you guys can do this...i have a 8703e that was with verizon it was wiped with commander so nothing in phone except circle with a square and a slash through it... and wanted to install att os I downloaded 8703e from RIM version 4.1.0_rel pl 2.0.0 for cingular as from my readings here is the att system or os? I followed instructions on how to and proper download and nothing worked...desk top mgr is version 4.5.0 device mgr is version
    when I download to computer the 8703e os I went to advanced in the desk top mgr as it may be an older system and nothing loads/nothing loads in the device mgr either....the phone was given to me and was trying to get it to work with att and my phone no...is this possible and what am I doing that will not load the information? Is it that the mgr and the desk top are not same version no.?
    Can anyone walk me through the problem, if you want to do it with e mail let me know..thanks to all
    07-27-09 01:17 PM
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    ok got the app loader to give me list of things like core apps/messenger/attachment service brick breaker etc. when I hit next it tells me 4.1 core apps can not be loaded because some required files are not available-ok where do you get the requierd files??
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    07-27-09 01:41 PM
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    First, you probably will not get a Verizon 8703e to work with AT&T service. Second, I recommend looking into wiping that device again and installing the OS Verizon hands out OR the newest v4.5. There are numerous threads on this site that will quite clearly walk you through exactly how to do so.
    07-27-09 09:04 PM