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    Hello all,

    My name is Leon and I am a first time poster to Crackberry.com. I have 2 Blackberries in my stable. One is the 7290 and the other a well used 8700C. I am having a bit of a problem with the 8700. I bought it used and while I donít know the full history, I at least know that it was introduced to water because its water indicator is red and there are traces of rust on the metal plates (heat sinks??) in front of the Sim Card port. The rust looked superficial and was easily removed with a moist q-tip.

    My problem is that the battery drops to about 50% from a full charge in about a day. During this time period it was in standby all day and no calls, emails, games, downloads etc were used. It just remained in the corner of my desk. I thought since this is used, then the battery is taking a dump, so I bought a brand new RIM battery for the Blackberry and stuck it in and gave it a full charging. Again in the space of exactly 24 hours the battery dropped from 100% to 50% with exactly no activity what so ever ( I was in and out doing house repair work at home, so the berry just sat on the table unattended.

    Could that blinking green LED cause battery power to drop that quickly?

    Is this normal behavior for the 8700C? or could water damage have done this and caused it to use the battery power up more quickly even on standby? On my 7290 it seemed it stayed charged for a long time. I can confirm that it is charging when I plug it in( the charging icon pops up when plugged in) and after it is fully charged, I checked the status option on the blackberry and it confirms 100% charged.

    Could that

    Is my Blackberry toast? I really donít want to have to keep a charger in my office and bring one along everywhere I go for this. I am debating going back to my 7290 which was and still is one of the most reliable phones I have had.

    Thanks for your advice/recommendations etc


    03-19-08 07:43 AM