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    After replacing the SIM card and updating the software on my 8700c, a new icon has appeared that no one at AT&T can explain to me! It's at the very upper right, just under the signal strength bars and to the right of the voicemail message indicator. It appears to be a smaller version of the calendar icon, and has a number next to it. And... it ONLY appears when the keyboard is locked!

    Can't find anything about this icon/indicator in any BB documentation or manuals. Since the number changes from time to time, the thought was it might have something to do with upcoming appointments or calendar events, but there's no correlation between the number displayed and the number of items on that day's calendar.

    Does anyone have an explanation of what this icon means??
    06-07-08 12:08 PM
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    That's awesome

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    06-07-08 12:10 PM
  3. NightFire's Avatar
    What version of software are you running? And did you install any new applications (beyond the OS)?
    06-07-08 04:11 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    06-07-08 04:28 PM
  5. bbdog's Avatar
    Running version

    No other apps or programs have been installed.
    06-07-08 04:47 PM
  6. bbdog's Avatar
    Thanks, Sunkast. Interestingly, that icon was not in my guide, and only showed up with the new card and update.

    So, if that's "missed calendar reminders" how do you clear them?
    06-07-08 04:51 PM