1. Dreanmachine's Avatar
    Hi BB 8700 Community,

    I have the Blackberry 8703e, under a corporate Sprint plan. It has OS 4.1, and it does not have any T9 Predictive Text capability, nor any Voice Activation Calling capability. Can someone suggest any good third party applications that satisfy well these desires for functionality?

    The other question I need answered is that I have the Blackberry Messenger application installed. I want to be able to communicate with my wife's Treo 755p smartphone, via the IM capability. She uses MSN Messenger. Is there anyway to do this with the Blackberry Messenger protocol? Thanks in advance for any help!!!
    09-12-07 09:16 AM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    1. There are no predictive text applications for the BB.

    2. The BB Messenger application is only for BB to BB. It uses pin messaging to communicate with other BB's.

    I recommend purchasing the JiveTalk application for your 8700. It's the best IM application out there for the BB. I use it myself and it works great. You can find it here:

    beejive :: JiveTalk mobile messaging
    09-13-07 12:13 AM