1. Dannytexas's Avatar
    I am a new user of a Blackberry 8700 as provided to me by my large corporate employer.
    My question is this. Once they set-up the phone and send it to me to access the BES and corporate mail is it possible to buy a curve and transfer the settings and credentials of the company provided 8700 to the curve and maintain all the set-up work done by the company?
    The thing is I am currently an iphone user and love all the features. I just started with a large company (Honeywell) and they only provide one model and its a dated 8700 unit. They wouldnt let me even buy my own phone and have them set it up.
    Can I use my desktop manager to change devices without having to get info from my company? It shouldnt make a difference to them what model I use as long as it is a Blackberry and can sync with their system.
    Will I run into password issues or BES settings that will block me from doing this.

    Thank you so much for any direction you can give me on this.
    02-27-08 06:33 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Install Desktop Manager, and use the 'switch device' wizard. Albeit to add it to BES, your I.T. department would have to do it for you. Unless you connect your NEW BlackBerry to your work pc, and it should activate on BES, and ask you to move the mouse to create the encryption...
    02-27-08 06:56 PM