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    I have a very unique problem. I recently left my employer, and although I purchased my blackberry, it was run off their server for emails etc. The service provider was T-mobile. They (big Wall Street bank) had a security system that prompted us to change the password on our blackberry every month or so, (quite aggravating). The problem is after leaving, I put the blackberry down for so long that I have forgotten what the last password I set it to was. I usuaually had one word for the alphabetical part of the password, and I simply changed the numerical part. e.g password1, password2, etc. I am in a quandary now because I have so many personal numbers on the phone that are stored nowhere else, and I never had it backed up! I have already input what I thought was the correct password several times to no avail and I am now on the last try before the unit is erased! Is there anyway on earth that I can unlock this blackberry without losing all the information on it?! I have called T-Mobile and they said they cannot help since the service was registersed in the company's name and the password function was controlled off their server. I also called my employers and they said that there was nothing they could do because they would have to "reactivate" the service yada yada yada. Basically they told me to take a hike. Is there any help that can be offered by anyone?!
    11-20-07 04:10 PM