1. john dagis's Avatar
    what's the latest most stable OS and desktop manager for the 8700g. I'm currently running OS and DM 4.5?
    03-14-09 12:48 AM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    4.5 should be good. If you want you can run 4.6 with media manager. Stay away from4.7.

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    03-14-09 07:12 AM
  3. Thinklab's Avatar
    I just upgrade 8700r to version 4.5 and still can't play Youtube vids or play music from various websites? Is it not possible with my phone? Some one please help???
    03-14-09 09:31 AM
  4. Heresy's Avatar
    Go to browser then hit the trackwheel and select options/browser configuration. amke sure everything has a check in the box. Also in the "show images" make sure its set to "on WML & HTML pages". Emulation mode set to : blackberry. Hit trackwheel again and save. Should be able to view m.youtube.com now. Some pages that use flash player wont work on blackberry yet. Hope this helps.
    03-14-09 08:15 PM
  5. john dagis's Avatar
    Thanks rip32, 4.5 is running like a clock. Does 4.6 have any extra features to make it worthwhile upgrading?

    When you mention 'media manager', is it radically different to 4.5's 'media', which does the job quite well?
    03-14-09 10:54 PM
  6. trashercan's Avatar
    Can anyone on this thread please check the folowing for me ?

    For this 4.5 firmware can anyone verify the use of the "Enter key" in the dial application. When in the call log window and you type the name of a contact that has more than one entry, use the thumb wheel to select the name in the preview window (at the bottom) and then scroll to the first number in the list and try dialling using the enter key. My enter key "down arrows" and selects the next in the list - is this how it should work because my and all other previous firmwares don't down arrow here they "select" the entry.
    03-19-09 10:21 PM
  7. john dagis's Avatar
    Ok, I tried the above and it dialled the next entry as you described. I normally hit the green keyboard button with my left thumb—which dials the number shown.
    03-20-09 03:17 AM