1. jobeppo's Avatar
    I cannot seem to figure out this one.

    Why can't I get my Filters to work continually in changing catagories in memos?

    Sometimes they work and sometimes it says *no memos* then I go to a particular catagorie and there they are....its like something is turning it on and off... I have tried syncing with Lotus notes (Journal) ...I have tried syncing with MS Outlook memos....it does not seem to matter. Also tried earlier versions of the Desktop Software. (Currently using 4.2 sp2) and BES Account.

    I should be able to filter out memos in the various catagories.
    My Palm was flawless in this area. Any suggestions or assistance would
    be greatly appreciated. Happy Holiday Season to You and Yours!! : )
    12-19-07 11:06 AM