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    I went ahead and deleted all those messages that I was told to not delete, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with the following issues or not, but I removed the accounts and re-created them, so Id think Id be okay.

    Issue 1: when i send an email from gmail, my BB gets the email as though it is receiving it. it gets mail sent TO gmail and mail sent FROM gmail. highly annoying.

    Issue 2: i have another account that I just cant get to work. i can send from the account, but cannot receive TO the account. I turned SSL off and it worked before, but now with the new installation of this email address it doesnt seem to be working.




    PS - it seems as though if I have the Desktop Redirector Running that I get the emails to the account mentioned in Issue 2 (it is configured with outlook on my desktop) but I shouldnt need to have that software running, should I?

    Or maybe I do...

    I dont get how this works.

    Thanks again.
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    Issue #1
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    Someone else was having the same problem with issue 2. Do a search, you might turn up that thread.
    09-03-07 03:05 PM
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    Someone else was having the same problem with issue 2. Do a search, you might turn up that thread.
    I fixed that issue. Thank you very much.

    Of course, now there are new problems and I am immensely frustrated.

    First I set up an independant POP account (my own site) and a gmail site. They worked, flawlessly.

    1. I started running Desktop Manager and Device Manager - everything got screwed up.

    Do I even need to run these applications? If I am only using the BB for email (bluetooth is problematic and I have Outlook 2003 on Vista), why do I need to run them? Do I?

    Thanks, and sorry I am such a n00b.

    2. ALSO - one of my mailboxes insists there is an unread message inside of it. There isn't. Not that I can see. I need to fix this. Last time this happened I deleted everything and got all screwed up because I deleted those emails you are not supposed to delete because they help sync with the server. What the heck are those anyhow??

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    For issue #2, chances are you've got a message that you opened that had more information and you exited out of it before it completely loaded. It happened to me yesterday and it was driving me crazy. So try and remember any large emails you may have opened that had the More Info indicator and just backed out of while it continued to load.
    09-07-07 07:37 PM