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    I have a new hire with a blackerry that was on BES, but is now on BIS.
    My problem is that I need to get this persons contacts off of the phone, and into his outlook.
    After the pc detects the pin, I chose outlook for syncronizing. When I syncronize, It looks like it starts to work, but then I get a "ding" from the pc, and nothing happens.
    I tried using the backup utilities advanced feature, and there are only 3 available items from the phone
    none of which point to contacts or address book.

    I tried this:
    You need to disable wireless sync on the blackberry before you can do a manual sync of contacts.

    If the Blackberry still shows enterprise activation under options:advanced options, it still has bes service books. Open the enterprise activation screen, then hold the alt key and type cnfg. Then disable wireless sync. You should be able to use dm then.

    Then I got the following error message:
    I tried the instructions above and got the following message

    " PIM syncronization is not enabled on the device"

    Are there any other solutions to export the contacts, or how can I clear
    the policy, without losing the data?

    Thanks in advance
    12-17-07 11:38 AM