1. crazyberry's Avatar
    my 8700g now has media player, and google maps, but no cam, but ahh well :P
    12-03-07 12:18 PM
  2. cinnamin's Avatar
    i didn't know and 8700g can have a media player do tell
    12-04-07 12:01 AM
  3. silver's Avatar
    the camera pretty decided which BB I was getting. I don't think I can have a phone without a camera, since I am sort of a photography/camera junky.
    12-04-07 01:11 AM
  4. sLpfhaWK's Avatar
    Silver i'm like you it was HARD for me to get used to not having a camera on my 8830.. I went from a nice 2mp camera on my enV to no camera and its been over a month and i'm still adjusting. I'm contemplating the pearl just for the cam.. =/
    12-04-07 04:31 AM
  5. silver's Avatar
    I have a hard to adjust from a 2mp down to a 1.9mp... I'm glad i'm going back to a 2mp.
    12-04-07 09:06 AM
  6. cinnamin's Avatar
    i guess i can walk around with my digital camera when i need to take pics and cross my fingers and pray my man buys me a curve for x-mas
    12-04-07 09:19 AM
  7. crazyberry's Avatar
    to have media on your 87xx you need to update the os
    12-04-07 03:11 PM
  8. cinnamin's Avatar
    oh i didn't know that thanks alot so what can the media player do?
    12-04-07 08:44 PM
  9. berrywhite's Avatar
    The Media Player lets you store and watch Movies, Pics, and Music. BB's version of an IPOD.
    12-04-07 09:42 PM
  10. cinnamin's Avatar
    that's great i asked because i haven't gotten my 8700g yet so i wanted to know all about that thanks
    12-04-07 10:07 PM