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    hello all -

    i recently installed a version of opera on my blackberry, but the language settings were all jacked so i uninstalled it, and now my blackberry is in a coma... all i get is JVM Error 102. i searched the forums and found some info about this error, but the solutions posted haven't worked yet. i'm getting hung at one particular point, and was hoping for some advice.

    i downloaded Handheld Software v from tMobile and i already have Desktop Manager Software v

    - i launch desktop software
    - i select application loader
    - i select the usb connection port
    - but when entering the password it is not recognized as the correct password. also, entering the password immediately shuts down the phone from its "jvm error 102" screen to utter blackness

    i would appreciate any help or tricks to save my blackberry... its scratched and battered cause it went on a deployment with me, but it has all the phone nums of my buddies so i don't want to just replace it without pulling the info off.

    06-09-08 10:50 AM